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Post by Drakect on Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:21 am

Name Drake O'cassey
Age 14 almost 15
Gender male
Species human
Student, professor or other student
Likes  studying, learning, reading, history, mythology
Dislikes manual labor, fist fighting
Favorite subject enchanting
History He's an eastern noble comes from a long line of remarkably skilled battle mages, recently though his family has fallen on hard times due to a series of bad business deals. Drake is not a prodigious battle mage like most of his family but he is good at magic in his own way, and determined to restore his family name

Eye color blue
Hair color black
Skin color fair, very pale
Body type: slightly thick but not fat
Defining features, items, or clothing? Traditional Robed wizard garb, 3 magic rings one ruby, one sapphire, one emerald

Wand, staff or other? He carries a traditional oak staff he made himself
Strengths: magic in general, he's great with academics, very book smart, was able to receive magic lessons before his time at the academy as a human noble of the east
Weaknesses: Naive, not athletic, bad close combat fighter, low strength, bad eyesight, epilepsy, clumsy, physical work in general


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