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Head master Amond Empty Head master Amond

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:08 pm

Name Amond silverwand
Age 69
Gender male
Species human
Student, professor or other: Headmaster
Likes: Driving more uptight professors crazy, telling stories with life lessons, fishing, practicing magic
Dislikes: conventional morality, eggplants
Favorite subject: elementalism
History: Amond was born in a poor fishing village, he didn't even discover his talent for magic till he was sixteen. While many stories of his youthful adventures fighting dragons and dark wizards are well known his personal life is not, he has been the head master for 10 years

Eye color blue
Hair color white
Skin color olive
Body type thin
Defining features, items, or clothing? He wears a black and red headmasters robe

Wand, staff or other? A trident staff
Strengths: master of magic, charming, intelligent
Weaknesses: bad knee

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