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Sammantha the wizard bear Empty Sammantha the wizard bear

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:58 am

Name Sammantha
Age 30
Gender female
Race Wizard bear! (Kodiak)
Likes Honey, Magic, mauling things that treat her like an animal, people, bears, walks, hunting, reading, puns (and much more)
Dislikes Being treated like a common uneducated animal, not having thumbs
Favorite subject: All of them!
History She's a wizard bear which is a lot like a regular bear born with the ability to speak English and use magic. she worked very hard for an education going so far as to kidnap a professor to teach her when most magic schools wouldn't take her. Eventually she learned enough magic and found the only person who would hire a bear to teach magic, Amond

Eye color blue
Fur Color brown
Body type 15 ft of muscular alpha predator
Items Nope

Wand staff ect? Nope no thumbs uses her paws
Strengths: absolutely a monster in close combat, very good at transmutation, elementalism, illusion, and summoning
Weakness No thumbs, so can't write, can't make potions, can't make enchanted items, has trouble holding things


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