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Post by Admin on Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:21 pm

Pilos the merchant was the proud owner of the general store or the closest thing this town has to one anyway. He was maybe in his 40s, an ex traveling hedge wizard and overall a pretty good guy. He was known to not often overcharge for his goods, and was still able to keep the shelves stocked and bring home a good living. Most of what he sold was trinkets and discount supplies to the students who couldn't afford the good stuff. Obviously he also sold food.

Food- 6 silver a pound
Magical lighter (it's a basic lighter that won't run out of fuel) - 20 silver
Replacement wands. If you break your wand and can't afford the good stuff why not try one of these. They're poorly balanced, and very basic at best- 1 gold a piece
Magical backpack 10 times the space of an average pack and you always seem to find what you're looking for inside it- 30 gold
Bullets(9mm, and.357 magnum) 20 silver for five
Other stuff 5-20 silve


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